A reputation for innovation, quality and trust.

A reputation for innovation, quality and trust.

The real estate company you can trust to keep it real.

Rajwada group

Established by Mr. Rajendra kr. Agarwal, Rajwada Group is one of the leading real estate developers building contemporary residential properties. In just 20 years, the company has delivered over 6K+ homes, built 30+ projects and has to its credit over 10Lacs+ square feet of constructed area and over 25K+ satisfied residents. RAJWADA GROUP was established with property development as its main focus.

Mr. Rajendra kr. Agarwal and his three sons are known for professionally managing the organization with a stable and confident business model. The organization has shown an impressive compounded annual growth rate – even during difficult market and business cycles. And in the process of successfully negotiating changing conditions, Rajwada Group has created a brand name that stands for trust, reliability and innovation.

Towards creating holistic environments . The high standards for which we are known are constantly being upgraded by a high caliber team. We draw upon a national pool of professional associates, employ modern construction technology and work in a professional environment supported by the best practices of management.

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Vision & Mission

Rajwada hopes to bring forth a world in which everyone can lead a happy and productive life. Mr Rajendra Kumar Agarwal believed that to thrive in the long run, businesses must remain focused on producing value.

He thought that for a firm to be a runaway success, it needs to have a mission that inspires and unites people.

He worked to attain his desired goals of providing affordable housing solutions without the necessity to compromise and provided substantial responsibilities to both of his sons Mr Praveen Agarwal and Mr Bikash Agarwal to elicit his feelings in everybody’s heart.

Mr Rajendra Agarwal


Mr Parveen Agarwal


“Unity is strength” I believe that it’s the strength of my father and the unity between me and my brother for which we are able to execute and give out best-in-class segments housing solutions. Rajwada does not only provide housing solutions, it creates emotions for the people. Rjawada avails each and every modern-day amenity present in today’s world where it will give out a feeling of a hedonistic extravagant lifestyle with which you can indulge yourselves in a transcendent life.

We persistently work to create transparent, trust-based synergistic partnerships that serve to create long-lasting client connections. We remain steadfast in these values, which have benefited our business and clients throughout the years, even as we grow.

By creating a dynamic, upbeat, result-driven work atmosphere that is centred on the investment and development of long-term relationships, we are dedicated to accomplishing our mission. The outcomes we provide to clients serve as our benchmark for success. We uphold our promise to provide exceptional customer service while integrating an entrepreneurial spirit and evolving into an expanding organization.

We want to establish ourselves as a business that demonstrates how people may live their lives to the fullest.

We place a high value on relationships because they help us link people to their communities and homes. Since interacting with our clients offers them and us a sense of personal touch where they can develop trust in us, we believe communication is the key to developing mutual trust.

Mr Bikash Agarwal