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Is it a Good Time for Buying Homes?

  • Posted By Jyoti Singh
  • Posted on March 1st, 2017
  • Posted In Real estate

After the demonetization by the government, many people are still stuck up with whether they should invest in a home or not. With opinions being so divided it becomes quite obvious to be confused. Many have said that land and property prices will fall by 30%, many have said it’s a good time to buy homes. For a simpleton it becomes hard to understand what exactly is going on.

Well, there are two sides to this deal. We all know in a hush-hush that the Real Estate Sector deals with a lot of the black money. So, it becomes obvious that it got a good blow when the black money was curbed. Here comes in the first part, where the secondary market is likely to be affected because of its dealings with the unaccounted money. And the other part is the primary market, formed by reliable and reputed developers which will remain unaffected. Because here customers take home loans to buy and the dealings are done legally. With more stringent rules implemented by the government in the past one year in the real estate sector like RERA, all buyers in the primary sector looking for homes are likely to be more confident and safe guarded. Thus, only those who conduct their business with integrity are expected to survive.


All in all, it becomes a good time to buy homes because:


  • The blow to the secondary market further brings down the prices of the luxury flats. Which is good news for all the buyers out there; as they can now buy their homes that they had always dreamt of for lesser prices with much more options to choose from.
  •   With so much money being deposited through saving bank accounts, banks don’t really need our fixed deposits. And with little interest to pay in FD’s to citizens like you and I, banks can lend at lower rates. This is good news because you can expect your EMI’s on car and home loans to go down in the next few months. All the more reason to get the new home.

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